Step by Step Tutorial : Mixed Media Postcard


IMG_6600edited2Hello you,

Today’s project is another mixed media postcard I made for a swap. The theme for this postcard was “bicycles”. I had loads of fun making this one.I must say, I love working on projects this size. They are done quickly, yet provide all the fun you would have with a bigger project. I have tried to create a tutorial of sorts for this one.

Step 1 : I cut a 5 by 7 inch piece of thick mixed media paper as my base and covered the whole background with a collage of pattern papers from my scrap stash. I have tons of scraps and I have been trying to use them all up.


(Sorry about the rubbish picture.I did not intend to create a tutorial when I started, otherwise would have done a better job)

Step 2 : I picked up my color palette from the background and roughly brushed on various shades of green and blue acrylic paints on to the surface.I also sprayed some water to let the paints run a bit and added some splatters with watered down paint.

At this stage most of the collaged bits are covered, but you can still see some peeks of the designs here and there and of course, the texture that is created via collage adds some extra dimension


Step 3: I actually forgot to take pictures of this step, but basically, I added modelling paste through a stencil and let it dry.I used a neon pink paint mixed with white to add some bright pops of color to the stencilled areas and then toned it all down with a wash of translucent blue paint.

I also used some foil adhesive at random places and added gold foil. The dark blotches that you see is actually the foiled spots and they look really shiny and pretty in reality. I had a hard time trying to capture them in my photograph, so you will have to trust me on this one.:-)


Step 4: My go-to step for almost every background is adding some stamping, so I did the same here.I used a brown archival ink to stamp some words on the background.

The last step was to add a die-cut bicycle to the postcard and use some letter stickers for the quote and it’s done.Easy peasy, right?


Hope this pictorial was of help.I will see you soon with my next post.

Till then,





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