Hand-Drawn Patterns

Hello you,

In the early part of this year, to wake up my sleeping creative mojo, I had made a grandiose plan to create 30 hand drawn patterns in 30 days.Life got in the way and the plan to do it in 30 days fell by the wayside.I still did some and will continue to make more, but without a specific deadline.Doing this gives me joy and for now, that is enough.So here are the first two patterns I created.They are imperfectly drawn, but for me they are a good way of getting some ideas on paper and maybe explore them later.


blue flower pattern

Pattern # 1 : This was done using Posca paint markers, white and gold glitter gel pens and a black fineliner.The cheapie gold glitter faded as it dried and this does not look as lovely as it did when I initially made it, but oh well!


Pattern #2 : The second was fairly simple and quick. Just a few blobs made using  Watercolor brush pens and then some details with a fineliner. See what I mean about things being wholly imperfect? I figured that done is better than perfection, so I am okay with these.

What do you think?




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